What is a DoorBuzzin Number?

A DoorBuzzin number is assigned to you when you create a DoorBuzzin Account. It's the number that your building's buzzer calls when someone enters your buzz code. The call is answered by DoorBuzzin.

How do Access Codes work?

You can create Access Codes for your unit. (We will also create some default codes to get you started.) Give your visitor an Access Code and when they arrive they can enter the Access Code and be let in automatically. You won't need to answer your phone to let them in, and you will get a notification each time the Access Code is used.

How does Open House Mode work?

Open House mode will immediately let in anyone who rings your doorbell. This can be activated for a short time (20m - 8 hours) while you are having a party or open house. You won't need to answer your phone to let people in, and you can (optionally) get a notificaiton each time someone enters.

How do Forward Numbers work?

Forward numbers allow you to let people in by answering your phone and pressing a key, jsut as things would be without DoorBuzzin. However, with DoorBuzzin you can add multiple (up to 8) numbers to call, and the numbers can be any areacode or anywhere in the world. You can add time rules for each number, and you can choose whether to call all the numbers at once, or let the visitor choose who to call.

What if the keypad buttons on my DoorBell don't work?

The vast majority of DoorBell systems allow numbers on the keypad to be pressed so that someone can enter an Access Code. However, there are some systems that don't allow this. DoorBuzzin can detect if your keypad doesn't work, and will switch to a voice prompt, where your visitors can simply say the Access Code.