Ultimate Flexibility


From a simple setup to something much more specific, DoorBuzzin has you covered.
To see what's possible, let's look at how George & Judy set up DoorBuzzin.


Access Codes

George & JudyAlways
Friends & FamilyAlways
Deliveries7am - 9pm
Housekeeper11am - 3pm
Airbnb GuestMay 17 - 25


  • Code for Deliveries won't work at night.
  • Housekeeper code only works on one day of the week.
  • Airbnb guests will have an access code to use during their stay. They don't need any FOBs and can't lose them!
  • Codes with next to them will send notifications via SMS, email, or in the Doorbuzzin App.


Forward Numbers

George's Cell5am - midnight
Judy's Cell10am - 10pm
George's Work9am - 5pm
Mon - Fri


  • Depending on day and time, there will be different call forward numbers active.
  • No one will be woken up in the middle of the night.


Detailed Features

Access Codes
  • Access codes can have 3 - 8 digits
  • Create as many codes as you want
  • Restrict codes by:
    • Time of day
    • Day of week or month
    • Specific date range
  • Create one-time codes that expire 1 hour after use
Forward Numbers
  • Forward to multiple numbers anywhere in the world
  • Time rules on the call forwards
    • Don't get woken up in the middle of the night
    • Forward to different numbers at different times
  • Forward to up to 8 phone numbers
  • You can use DoorBuzzin in different ways:
    • Buzzer always calls Doorbuzzin
    • Forward your phone to Doorbuzzin when you need to
  • Customize your greeting messages:
    • Initial Welcome
    • Door Open
    • For each code used
  • Easy to manage and only takes a few minutes to set up
  • Open House mode:
    • Activate for a short time
    • All visitors will be let in automatically.
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