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DoorBuzzin works with any entry system that dials a phone number. If you answer your phone and press 6 or 9 to let people in, then DoorBuzzin will work with your building.


Compatible Buildings
  • Your building manager asks you to provide a phone number to use with your doorbell.
  • Your doorbell rings on your cell phone, or another phone that can make calls.
  • You press a button on your phone (typically 6 or 9) to let people in.
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Incompatible Buildings
  • Your buzzer rings on a fixed line phone or intercom panel in your apartment.
  • The phone where your doorbell rings can NOT be used for other calls.
  • You were never asked for a phone number to use with the DoorBell.
Currently, DoorBuzzin will not work in this situation. However, in the future we may develop a device to support this. If you'd like to be notified when this happens...
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